Monday, 24 November 2014

I went to London!!!

With the university I recently had a little trip down to London for a few days and we had to basically take photo's and collect paraphernalia for an alternative tour that we would come up with a concept for. Anyway besides the boring work, I went to a few places in London that I hadn't been to before such as Camden markets. It was really nice to see the culture and how lively the place was.
I really love this picture showing all the different coloured roofs of the shops, there was lots of nice things and hand crafted items that where really artistic. Some of the stalls had some pretty objects and I wish I had more time to browse and buy.
There was a lot of street art around Camden and one bit that I really liked, it kind of reminds me of Santoro London, its a really cute brand I will link the post Here.
I also went to Hamleys toy store, it's a huge toys store and has some amazing things and I felt like a big kid.There is everything there, from the queen made out of Lego to harry potter wands. The amount of cool items I wanted to buy from there was unreal. It was a great trip to London and I hope that I go again soon.

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