Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Preparing for university: Budgeting for student accommodation

In my previous post I talked about how to budget all your expenses if you are staying at home for uni, this post will be more for those of you who are living in student accommodation or renting a place when your at uni.

You may have to share a house with someone or you will be in communal halls so to start off with I would say you need to work out what your new home has furniture and appliances wise, then if you require anything else I would wait to get these items and share the new cost with your new house mates.

You can look use this list to check all the items that you will need to take with you to your new home most of these you will already have. once you have figured out what other items you may need to buy for uni.

My last post basically explains how to budget which you can see Here so you if you are living in shared accommodation make sure you take into account other things such as
Tv licence
These can all be split and shared between you and your house mates, I would make sure you and your house mates sit down when you first meet and decide talk about the way you are going to split the bills.
Another thing to think about is decide who is going to do the shopping, whether you are going to share the duty of if one of you has a car an they don't mind doing it. A good idea would be to have a note pad attached to the fridge or somewhere everyone knows so that you can write down things you want or need.

Other thing you may need to think of is chores and house cleaning duties, you can set a rota or each person one room to keep clean, and when it comes to washing up I would say everyone just washes their own plates and dishes up that way there's no arguments.

There can be a lot to think about when you move into a new place for university especially when you have to share with others, and if you set out all this when you get there them everyone knows what's going on and then you have the worst part over with.

I hope that this post helps and thanks for reading

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