Friday, 22 August 2014

Makeup Revolution-Redemption Romantic Smoked palette

 Browsing the isle of Superdrug, I came across the new Revolution display and amongst their many palettes I came across this one, which is the Romantic smoked palette. I thought that it looked quite similar to pictures I've seen of the naked 3 palette from Urban Decay which has those beautiful rose gold tones and is roughly £37. I looked at this and was really surprised by the price £4.  
 For the price of this I thought that they wouldn't be very pigmented and they would be chalky and crumbly and I was amazed to say that they are really pigmented and smooth and they are all beautiful. The packaging is not really that good but for £4 what can you expect and it also comes with this sponge applicator which is quite soft but I prefer to use a brush or you fingers to apply them.
 These are the swatches from left to right in the palette and you can see that they start off shimmery, with the white shade, that you can barley see and then they go to a more satin finish and then the last couple are matte shades. 
Some of these shades really look beautiful when they catch the light and the above photo's don't show that very well so I took this to show you how gorgeous they look when the light captures them.
I think that this is a great budget friendly palette or if you are just starting to get into make-up and you don't want to spend to much money.You can't really go wrong in this palette and it's available in Superdrug  and on the Makeup Revolution site.
Thanks for reading and let me know if you have a favourite palette from Makeup Revolution.
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