Friday, 11 July 2014

Clinique High Impact mascara with Glamour magazine

Augusts Glamaour magazine came with a free Clinique gift, I got the high impact mascara which I was happy with as you may know I love trying out new mascara's. 
This is going to be more of a first impressions of the mascara, first of all its a miniature so it looks really cute but the packaging of Clinique products is always nice. They have the signature C on the top, its pretty standard.
The bristles on the brush are really good for separation and the formula is not too thick and not really wet so it applies nicely, it also doesn't dry really quickly so like the benefit one gives you plenty of play time. 
It is also build-able and doesn't go all clumpy.
This gives a really voluminous look to your lashes, what I really like is that this is amazing for bottom lashes, I found this really easy to use, most mascara's I get smudging when I put mascara on the bottom lashes or clumps and with this that was no problem. It isn't hard to take off I use the Garnier micellar cleansing water to remove it and it came off easily.
You can see here that it gives and holds a good curl and I never curl my lashes so you can see that it has worked pretty well. This retails for £17.50 which is obviously high end prices but if you have the money why not, If you dont want to spend that much then you can get this free with Glamour magazine which is only £2!!!.
I think this was a good free gift and I will continue to use it, If you want to buy the full size you can find that Here
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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner Review

I have been testing out Eye-liner recently and I saw that this one came with the June Glamour magazine. The magazine only costs £2 and the liner retails for £12 so it seemed like a pretty good freebie.
I got the Navy one because it was all they had in the shop and think this was also the last one anyway, the packaging of this is pretty nice and sturdy the lid is one that securely clicks on which is always good. 
 The tip of the liner looked pretty good its made of a stiff spongy materiel and I like that it's not really flimsy, now comes the downside...
It just wasn't very good, I obviously shook it up before using it and splodged some on the back of my hand to get the ink flowing, but it was just rubbish, the swatches below are after I had put it on my hand and eyes and then I put it on my hand again so I could show you.
I have tried using this since and it just looks awful, it's patchy and drags and also you can't get a fine line because as you can see the product doesn't flow. I don't know if this was just maybe a bad one or whatever but I wasn't impressed with this. 
Hope you liked this post.