Sunday, 1 June 2014

Veet Hair removal cream review

Disappointing/bad product is the only way to describe this. 
We all know how annoying shaving your legs is, especially when it only lasts for 1 or 2 days. So I bought the Veet hair removal cream for sensitive skin. I looked at how this works on the Veet website and thought it seemed good. 
I was quite disappointed with this product, on the website it says "Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream works close to the root even on short hair, giving you smoothness for up to four days."

I don't believe that at all I have used this around 4 times and each time the results are not what it says you get. Firstly I will explain the product and how you are supposed to use it, In the pack you buy you get the tube of cream and then you get this pink dual sided sponge.

First on dry skin your suposed to apply the cream with the pink side of the sponge, without rubbing it in and then leave for a few minutes. Then get in the shower trying not to get your legs or wherever you have applied the cream directly in the stream of water. Then after 5-10 minutes you use the white part of the sponge to rub it off and rinse thoroughly.
So firstly this product absolutely stinks, I don't know if all hair removal creams smell like this but it is terrible. Secondly the white side of the sponge is really scratchy, I understand that it has to be abrasive to help remove the hairs, but after using this my legs where really scratched and red.
Now onto why the product is strange, it is rubbish at removing hair but it does make your legs feel soft if you stroke down but as soon as you feel upwards its stubbly still.
I have tried this on 3-4 day old leg hair and it did nothing and then I thought maybe the hairs are to long so I tried it on 1-2 day old leg hair and still did the same.
I also left the recommended 72 hours between applying and the smoothness didn't last, so I was disappointed. 
This retails for £6.84 from Boots which isn't too expensive but considering it doesn't do that good a job, it was a waist. If anyone else has tried this and it works really well for them let me know what I'm doing wrong, but for me I just didn't like it.
Thanks for reading.
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