Thursday, 5 June 2014

Gorgeous Kurt Geiger Boots

A little while ago I tweeted saying I had made a cheeky Kurt Geiger purchase and I thought I would show you the shoes I purchased. 
I don't often spend much and I have a real love hate relationship with shoes, the reason is because I can never find shoes that fit. I bet your wondering why, well it's because I have ridiculously small feet. Yes I am 18 and still wear size 2 and 1 shoes. I am generally quite small and I really love shopping and looking at shoes, but then I feel quite sad because I know that they wont fit me. 
It can be real struggle to get nice boots, that don't look really childish. I was just sitting on my own and decided to just browse the site, see what kind of shoes I could fantasise about. Then I noticed that they unusually went down to a size 2!!!. My face honestly lit up and then I came across these boots in the sale and that was it just had to have them.
 These are called CATIE from the Jessica Simpson Line and they are just beautiful.
 I really love the buckles and the studs, they add some beautiful detail, the heal isn't too high. What also makes them really nice is that the inside is spongy and comfortable.
Now onto the amazing price, they where £140 and they where on sale for £39. What a bargain, this is how I justify buying them.

Hope you liked this little post and If you would like to see more in the future, then be sure to leave me a comment and also if you know any other places that do smaller shoe sizes let me know.
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