Monday, 9 June 2014

Garnier micellar cleansing water

When it comes to cleansing waters, I love trying out new ones and finding ones that work well and are good for the skin. I picked up this Garnier one, because this looks quite similar to bioderma, also I love the Loreal one that everyone said was a bioderma dupe. 
I love this because it soothing and cooling to the skin and doesn't leave any oily or sticky feel to the skin. I also like that it removes make-up really well, I was surprised at how well it takes off eye make-up, I have really sensitive eyes so rubbing irritates them, but with this it's so gentle and fragrance free.
There are a few plus points to add on why it's better than the Loreal cleansing water and the first is because for £4.99 the same price as the Loreal one you get twice the amount of product. The Loreal is only 200ml and this is 400ml and the unique shape means it doesn't take up much more space. The second plus point is that I have noticed with the Loreal one, is if you put water on your face after, say if you have a shower after removing your make-up, my eyes became a bit irritated.
This product doesn't do that which is great. I love the Garnier brand because they use a lot of natural ingredients in their products making it better for your skin. This also says that it has up to 200 uses which is good for getting your moneys worth. 
You can find this product at Boots here. It is currently on offer for £3.99.
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