Saturday, 21 June 2014

Benefit push-up liner Review

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review by benefit and will give my honest opinion about the product.
Benefit sent me 2 products to review first is this one and I will review the other separately.
First of all I'm am not someone who wears eye liner on a daily basis because to be perfectly honest I am rubbish at putting it on and it's such a faff. So when I received this I was excited to try it because of it's claims.
Packaging: I like that the product comes in this box, it gives you some information on the back and some statistics on the front and also a preview of the product on someone. The packaging of the product itself is also really nice and sleek and has the quirky benefit shape. The lid of the pen is a twist not a pull, which means it's good to keep in your handbag.  
How it works: This had a different tip to all other liners I have seen, it's called an AccuFlex tip. This is quite strange because its a soft rubber tip. Then at the end it has a little twisty bit, that's probably not what it's called but ya know what I mean, its kind of link the YSL touche eclat
The product: The two main claims that this liner has is that it's lash hugging and easy to use. I have to say that this is EASIER to use than any eye liner I have tried, but the formula is a bit dry. I get that it's supposed to be a gel, but after I had created my line I had little tiny gaps on the top, which I  then had to fill in because I like my liner to be really neat. The claim that it's lash hugging is true in my opinion, the one thing that annoys me with liner is that it doesn't get to the lash line but this one was great for that didn't need to struggle at all. This product is very long lasting and does take a bit of effort to take off, If you have oily eyelids or want a waterproof eye liner this is pretty good.
This is my "Assistant" my younger sister. 
 I still don't think I would wear it every day, but I will be whipping this out for nights out and occasions. I was quite impresses with this liner, so if your like me and a compete noob when it comes to Liner then it may be worth a try. This will retail at £18.50 and will be released in July.
Thanks for reading Hope you enjoyed and remember to let me know what your favourite eye liner is.
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