Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Benefit They're real mascara

Disclaimer: Benefit kindly sent me this product for review and I will give my honest opinion.

Mascara is one thing I can not live without, so I always like to try new one's. I like my eyelashes to look really full and lengthy, but I don't like them to be clumpy. I have never tried this mascara from benefit before and had heard many things.  people have said it is waterproof, it is quite resistant which is what you would expect from a long lasting product, if you have oily skin then this would be good. Also I have heard people find it difficult to take off, I tried taking this off with the Garnier micellar cleansing water which I have a review for Here and it came off really easily.
I personally really liked this mascara it was lengthening, separating, it added volume and Long lasting. The formula at first is quite wet, which is nice, because if your like me and spend ages making sure you have every lash then it gives you plenty of play time. At the moment I'm using the maybeline the falsies mascara and although its a nice mascara, it dries quite quickly.
This is after I had applied the They're Real mascara, you can see that there is a lot of length and separation to the lashes. This very spiky-shouldn't put it near your eyes, looking wand is what gives you that, it also is good because you can get right down into the roots for lots of volume.
I like the packaging of this because its not clunky, it is just nice and smooth, this is the miniature it's only 30g but this still retails for around £10 for the mini or you can get the full size for £19.50 from Boot's and Debenhams 
Thank you to Benefit for sending me the products to review.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Benefit push-up liner Review

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review by benefit and will give my honest opinion about the product.
Benefit sent me 2 products to review first is this one and I will review the other separately.
First of all I'm am not someone who wears eye liner on a daily basis because to be perfectly honest I am rubbish at putting it on and it's such a faff. So when I received this I was excited to try it because of it's claims.
Packaging: I like that the product comes in this box, it gives you some information on the back and some statistics on the front and also a preview of the product on someone. The packaging of the product itself is also really nice and sleek and has the quirky benefit shape. The lid of the pen is a twist not a pull, which means it's good to keep in your handbag.  
How it works: This had a different tip to all other liners I have seen, it's called an AccuFlex tip. This is quite strange because its a soft rubber tip. Then at the end it has a little twisty bit, that's probably not what it's called but ya know what I mean, its kind of link the YSL touche eclat
The product: The two main claims that this liner has is that it's lash hugging and easy to use. I have to say that this is EASIER to use than any eye liner I have tried, but the formula is a bit dry. I get that it's supposed to be a gel, but after I had created my line I had little tiny gaps on the top, which I  then had to fill in because I like my liner to be really neat. The claim that it's lash hugging is true in my opinion, the one thing that annoys me with liner is that it doesn't get to the lash line but this one was great for that didn't need to struggle at all. This product is very long lasting and does take a bit of effort to take off, If you have oily eyelids or want a waterproof eye liner this is pretty good.
This is my "Assistant" my younger sister. 
 I still don't think I would wear it every day, but I will be whipping this out for nights out and occasions. I was quite impresses with this liner, so if your like me and a compete noob when it comes to Liner then it may be worth a try. This will retail at £18.50 and will be released in July.
Thanks for reading Hope you enjoyed and remember to let me know what your favourite eye liner is.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Summer Lovin

Now that summer is here in England I'm cracking out all the pretty things and the fruity scents. I just love the smell and taste of fresh fruits which brings me straight onto the mango body butter and body wash from the Body shop, although it probably wouldn't taste very nice it smell absolutely delicious, it just smells like fresh mango yoghurt mmmm. Also its got ingredients that are really nourishing for the skin. With the two combined you smell like a walking mango.  
The other thing from the body shop is the white musk sun glow perfume, it's just a really nice holiday perfume really fresh and floral. If you spot it in any shop then smell it, just smell it, I think this may be a limited edition fragrance as I haven't been able to find it anywhere since I purchased it.
For make-up I have the shimmer shades blush from Collection, in the shade Blushalicious. This is really nice if like me your quite fair or even if your not, it just adds a really nice subtle glow, it doesn't contain any chunky glitter its really fine, so your not going to look like a disco ball. The shades are all quite neutral with one corner that has a nice pop of pink. It's really inexpensive and has great pigmentation.
Also for make-up I've been loving the Revlon colour stay shadow link in the shade Lilac which is a beautiful shimmery shade I have a review of these Here.
Lastly I have been Loving this new summer nail polish from Barry M in the shade Rose Hip, It's from the gelly collection so it latst really well, looks super glossy and shiny even without a top coat. 
These are all the things I've been loving at the moment I hope you enjoyed the post and leave me a comment telling me what makes you feel all summery.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Garnier micellar cleansing water

When it comes to cleansing waters, I love trying out new ones and finding ones that work well and are good for the skin. I picked up this Garnier one, because this looks quite similar to bioderma, also I love the Loreal one that everyone said was a bioderma dupe. 
I love this because it soothing and cooling to the skin and doesn't leave any oily or sticky feel to the skin. I also like that it removes make-up really well, I was surprised at how well it takes off eye make-up, I have really sensitive eyes so rubbing irritates them, but with this it's so gentle and fragrance free.
There are a few plus points to add on why it's better than the Loreal cleansing water and the first is because for £4.99 the same price as the Loreal one you get twice the amount of product. The Loreal is only 200ml and this is 400ml and the unique shape means it doesn't take up much more space. The second plus point is that I have noticed with the Loreal one, is if you put water on your face after, say if you have a shower after removing your make-up, my eyes became a bit irritated.
This product doesn't do that which is great. I love the Garnier brand because they use a lot of natural ingredients in their products making it better for your skin. This also says that it has up to 200 uses which is good for getting your moneys worth. 
You can find this product at Boots here. It is currently on offer for £3.99.
 I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to leave me a comment telling me what you would like to see next.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Gorgeous Kurt Geiger Boots

A little while ago I tweeted saying I had made a cheeky Kurt Geiger purchase and I thought I would show you the shoes I purchased. 
I don't often spend much and I have a real love hate relationship with shoes, the reason is because I can never find shoes that fit. I bet your wondering why, well it's because I have ridiculously small feet. Yes I am 18 and still wear size 2 and 1 shoes. I am generally quite small and I really love shopping and looking at shoes, but then I feel quite sad because I know that they wont fit me. 
It can be real struggle to get nice boots, that don't look really childish. I was just sitting on my own and decided to just browse the site, see what kind of shoes I could fantasise about. Then I noticed that they unusually went down to a size 2!!!. My face honestly lit up and then I came across these boots in the sale and that was it just had to have them.
 These are called CATIE from the Jessica Simpson Line and they are just beautiful.
 I really love the buckles and the studs, they add some beautiful detail, the heal isn't too high. What also makes them really nice is that the inside is spongy and comfortable.
Now onto the amazing price, they where £140 and they where on sale for £39. What a bargain, this is how I justify buying them.

Hope you liked this little post and If you would like to see more in the future, then be sure to leave me a comment and also if you know any other places that do smaller shoe sizes let me know.
Thanks for reading

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Veet Hair removal cream review

Disappointing/bad product is the only way to describe this. 
We all know how annoying shaving your legs is, especially when it only lasts for 1 or 2 days. So I bought the Veet hair removal cream for sensitive skin. I looked at how this works on the Veet website and thought it seemed good. 
I was quite disappointed with this product, on the website it says "Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream works close to the root even on short hair, giving you smoothness for up to four days."

I don't believe that at all I have used this around 4 times and each time the results are not what it says you get. Firstly I will explain the product and how you are supposed to use it, In the pack you buy you get the tube of cream and then you get this pink dual sided sponge.

First on dry skin your suposed to apply the cream with the pink side of the sponge, without rubbing it in and then leave for a few minutes. Then get in the shower trying not to get your legs or wherever you have applied the cream directly in the stream of water. Then after 5-10 minutes you use the white part of the sponge to rub it off and rinse thoroughly.
So firstly this product absolutely stinks, I don't know if all hair removal creams smell like this but it is terrible. Secondly the white side of the sponge is really scratchy, I understand that it has to be abrasive to help remove the hairs, but after using this my legs where really scratched and red.
Now onto why the product is strange, it is rubbish at removing hair but it does make your legs feel soft if you stroke down but as soon as you feel upwards its stubbly still.
I have tried this on 3-4 day old leg hair and it did nothing and then I thought maybe the hairs are to long so I tried it on 1-2 day old leg hair and still did the same.
I also left the recommended 72 hours between applying and the smoothness didn't last, so I was disappointed. 
This retails for £6.84 from Boots which isn't too expensive but considering it doesn't do that good a job, it was a waist. If anyone else has tried this and it works really well for them let me know what I'm doing wrong, but for me I just didn't like it.
Thanks for reading.