Friday, 9 May 2014

Revlon colour stay shadow links

So here I have two of the new Revlon Colour Stay Shadow Links, When I first saw these in Boots and Superdrug I thought that they looked really cool.
These are called shadow links because they link together using this little slot on the side, I think this is really handy because you can pick and choose your single eye shadows and then you can slot then together like a little palette.

I have the colour Lilac which is a pearl finish this is a beautiful colour and has a lovely shimmer. 
I have also got the colour Plum, this is a matte shade and is also a really lovely colour.
Now onto the formulas, the shimmery shade had a really nice formula and blended really well. It was a bit sheer but it was build able.  Next the Matte shadow this was a nice colour and was quite pigmented, but when it came to blending it took a lot of work, with a primer underneath it did blend better.
They are just beautiful shades and I am glad I bought them and will be picking some more up. On to the price which is great, they are only £2.99 and currently on a 3 for 2 offer in Boots. The packaging is a bit flimsy but for the product and price you can't really complain. I would highly recommend these to anyone especially if your new to make-up and want to build your own palette.
Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed and if you have tried these let me know your favourite shade.
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