Friday, 4 April 2014

Inspirational Bloggers/youtubers

I read blogs and go on YouTube every single day but since the begging I've read and watched a few blogs and channels religiously, I'll share with you the Bloggers/Youtubers I love and who inspire me.

1. Louise from Sprinkle of glitter 
I read her posts all the time and she is just such a lovey amazing person, she's always very honest and I love the way that she really seems like your talking to a friend. This was the first blog I ever read and I'm so glad I found her blog. Louise is an inspiration to me in so many ways. For starters she's so positive and helpful, the little motivational Monday's posts she does always makes me feel better to start my week. I also love that despite life's hardships she's such an amazingly kind person.
You can follow Louise on YouTube Here or on her blog Here

2. Tanya burr
Tanya is one of those people that is so nice to everyone and she is such a lovely person to watch and read about. Tanya is an inspiration to me because she has come so far, from her first tutorial on YouTube to owning her own make-up line. She makes me want to work really hard to achieve something that's worth while. Tanya also comes across as bubbly and sweet but also very strong, which is what makes her so Amazing and why shes some one I look up to.
You can follow Tanya on YouTube Here or on her blog Here

and lastly
3. Amelia or xameliax
I've watched her videos and read her blog for a quite a while and she's a really fun person to watch, most of her video's are full of tips or recommendations. I just love her personality and humor, her advice and reviews are ones that I trust and I think that's Important with any blogger or YouTuber and she is very down to earth. I find it really nice and refreshing to watch someone who isn't really big on YouTube and with their blog but I would love to watch her channel and blog grow more.
Amelia is one of my inspirations because she is just so Hardworking and full of amazing advice.
You can follow Amelia on Youtube Here or her blog Here

I do not own any of the photo's used  here they belong to the people mentioned.
Thanks for reading
Deeanne xxx

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