Saturday, 29 March 2014

Revlon colour burst lacquer balm Review

So Today's post is a review on Revlon colour burst lacquer balm. This product got a lot of hype and I was looking forward to this coming out.
I had really high hopes for this product because of all the hype, so when I got it I really wanted to like it but I just didn't. The shade is 105 Demure and it is a lovely shade, that's not what my problem is with this product.
The big thing and the reason I didn't like the product was because it has this horrible tingle when you put it on. Some people like that but personally it irritates me. It also has a minty scent which I don't mind I just get past that tingle. Some people do like that because the tingle is supposed to create more blood flow to the lips to make them fuller. So if you like that then this might be for you.
As you can see by the pictures bellow it is a beautiful, soft. nude/pink with some shimmer. Perfect for paler skin tones or even if you have a nice tan. This was £7.99 from Superdrug but you can also find these in Boots and if you are quick Superdrug have these on sale for £5.99.
There are my thoughts on this product let me know if you would like more reviews or any other posts, also if anyone knows if the matte balms have this same tingle then let me know.
Thanks for reading.
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