Monday, 31 March 2014

March favourites

 Firstly I cant believe it's nearly April so much has been happening recently I hardly have time to post any more, but im trying my best to make sure there's new content up. On to my favourites, recently I've been using my sleek blush in rose gold loads because it's getting to the spring, summer time. It just give a ice subtle hint of shimmer and colour.
Next we have 2 hair care items, the first is the Tresemme vibrant naturals shampoo which has been great for hydrating my hair, I really like this because it's one that helps to repair and protect your hair against heat. The other is the Charles Worthington dry shampoo, this is just a really nice dry shampoo it is a bit more expensive that batiste but it doesn't leave you with that white cast in your hair. There is a post on it HERE.
Next there's the Good things stop that spot clearing gel which is an amazing treatment for those horrible under the skin spots. There is a full post on that HERE
Then there's the L'oreal paris miceller cleansing water, I love this because it's very gentle on the skin and it doesn't leave any horrible residue, it's non greasy and you can buy it from Boots, Superdrug or your local drug store. There's a full post on that HERE.
This is a none beauty favourite but these where just a genius idea and they taste amazing, it is basically a cracker with chocolate around it. I like them both but I think the Lu one wins. If you havent tried one yet and you live in the UK then you need to try one.
My last favourite for march was going to the Royal Opera House in London it was just a great experience and not something you do everyday If you want to read more about it then I will link the post HERE 
Thanks for reading I hope you liked this post. Leave me a comment bellow telling me what your favourite thing in march was.
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