Thursday, 6 March 2014

Interview 101

So this week I have had a few Interviews and I want to share with you some advice for going to interviews and how to prepare.
First thing make sure you know the time and date of your interview. write it down on your calender or  somewhere you can't lose it or, in your phone even set a reminder.
Next you need to get together things you may need for example, Birth certificates, national insurance number, certificates or even a portfolio. (Which you may need for a university interview)

Once you have all materials you need, start thinking about the questions you will be asked. I'm going to list some of the most common and give you a way to answer them that could fit you. These answers may not work for everyone, it all depends on the job or course you have applied for.

1.Tell me a bit about yourself? 
This question you simply answer with what you are doing at the moment, if you are in education or in employment talk about that. You then need to tell them what your hobbies are that could be anything from drawing to doing DIY. 

2. What is a positive about yourself?
This one should be something practical, your good at organisation, time keeping, your friendly or approachable. Just something that is generally true but will also please the Interviewer.

3. What is a negative about yourself?
With this question you need to be careful not to say anything that will compromise your chances of getting the job or a place. The way to go about it is to say something that used to be a negative and now isn't so much. for example, I'm not very confident speaking in groups of people but working at such and such a place has helped me to become more confident. 

4.Why do you want to work or study here?
This is a very open question and differs for every place but the key is to research the place for instance, if the job is at a local supermarket then you could say that you would like to work as part of your local community. If its for university then you could say that the facilities are good and you like how there is a sense of community. If you have never had a job before you an also say that you would like to gain experience and that you feel that there company would be a good starting point.

There are other questions you may be asked but these are the 4 that you are almost guaranteed to be asked. There is a 5th question at the end which is. Do you have any questions for us? 
This question I have a great answer which I think should be asked and that is. What is it like to work/study here? When I asked this in my recent job interview they looked quite surprised at that question but they answered and they thought it was a good question.
You can look online for other questions with a quick search which I think everyone should do.

After you have done all your question research and MADE NOTES take a break, let your mind relax and have a cup of tea.

After you have had a break go over your notes and try and think positively. When the interview date comes around you want to make sure you get an early night and that you are up and appropriately dressed for the interview. You want to arrive roughly ten minutes before you interview starts. 
The last 2 things you need to remember are smile and that nothing bad can happen to you in the interview.
I hope this helps thanks for reading 
Deeanne xxx


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