Monday, 24 March 2014

Going to The Royal Opera House in London

As you may remember in a previous post I said that I was going to the Royal Opera house in London again, this time it is to see a ballet called Sleeping beauty.
It took around 4 hours to get there by coach and as we got into the middle of London we where greeted with a shocking site of a lady doing some very provocative dancing in one of the parks and dare I say showing a little to much. Apart from that shocking and inappropriate site London was a very busy place with lots of nice old buildings.
Once we reached the Opera House we went in to look at the work created by other people the whole reason for this trip was because of a live project by the Opera House and we all had to create the work.

Here are a few pieces of work by other people who where short-listed they had to create the stage set up, the make-up and costumes. 
Here is some of the things around the Opera house.
And here is a picture of the auditorium .
Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed this post 
Disclaimer: All work featured here isn't mine but the photographs taken are my own.
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