Monday, 10 February 2014

My Pamper evening Products

We all love a good pamper evening in, I'm no exception so I will show you what I use.
Most of these are affordable budget items so anyone can use these products.
So firstly I start by using this shampoo which is the Herbal essences Ignite my colour shampoo. I really love this shampoo, it's not really anything fancy but it does a really nice job. This product contains Botanical silk, which cleans your hair really well and leaves is really soft.
You can find this at Superdrug Here
This may or may not be limited edition, let me know in the comments bellow if anyone knows.
Also whilst in the shower every now and then I use the coconut body scrub from the body shop, this exfoliates my skin without being to rough and scratchy,
Scrub /£12.50, Body Milk/£8, Coconut Eau de toilette £8.50 and White musk body powder/£6
You may notice a few body shop products here, just a disclaimer that I am not being sponsored by them. The Coconut scrub lasts a good amount of time, I think I've used this 6 times and I haven't even got half way yet.
After a shower I like to use either my White musk body powder or the Coconut milk body lotion, I love the powder because it has a really nice scent but when it's colder I normally use the coconut milk lotion, I like that its like a spray top, so that you just get the right amount out and also it's nice and light and absorbs quickly. This is good if you don't like body butters.
After just for that extra fresh coconut smell I like a spritz of the Coconut Eau de toilette
£1!!!! You can find these in Superdrug, Boots or online.
I find that a face mask is always part of any pamper evening and I really love these from Montagne jeunesse, They smell amazing and feel really nice on the skin and my favorite part is peeling it off when it's dry. These are also suitable for Oily skin.
Night cream/£4 15ml and Toner water £3.95 100ml
Lastly I like to finish of with some Toner from Lush. This one is Breath of fresh air and it's a nice, well fresh scent, you can feel it slightly tighten your skin but not to much.
And then The Aloe soothing night scream from the body shop, which is a nice rich cream that isn't too thick that moisturizes the skin. I mainly use this on the odd dry patch or under the eyes and it works wonders.

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