Monday, 17 February 2014

A change for the better

When I used to watch films that I would always pick out the fact that they always had a happy ending. This made me feel well cheated, as children we watch all these films like Cinderella, Aladdin, the little mermaid etc. They all paint that picture that everything would be alright, they don't have all the life worries that we have.
So I came to the conclusion of what's the point in letting children watch these films, to fill their heads with nonsense. Don't get me wrong I loved all these films but in some way it felt depressing to me that watching these films made you wish that there was a fairy god mother to make your troubles go away.

I then thought to myself although it's rubbish that fairy tales aren't real and just because you don't have a fairy god mother, doesn't mean you can't get what you want in life. It's nice to believe in them because if you have nothing to believe in then your lost. 

Basically what I'm trying to say is that if you have a more positive attitude toward life and just go for things then you will be rewarded back. It could be in experience or new friend or a job. If you want something go out and get it.
I'm changing how I think about life so that I can stop feeling sad and make the happier times come to me. You just need to keep focused on what you want and if you work hard then you will achieve what you want.
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Deeanne xxx
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