Thursday, 30 January 2014

Santoro London make-up bag

As a late birthday gift I received this extremely cute make-up pouch/pencil case.
This is froma brand called Santoro London which is a sort of boutique shop in London they produce these unique styled items which are very high quality.
 I think this is such a cute little make-up bag, purse or pencil case I love that it has a different image on each side, it looks very cute an innocent.
I love this little antique trade mark zip and the way this had been designed is just feels and looks really nice.
This particular case I couldn't find on their site, I assume they either don't sell it anymore or you can only find it in store.
They ship to anywhere in the UK and to the USA mainlands so you can order online Here. They have some really beautiful pieces, from Bags, to stationary, to clothes. They do get a bit pricey on some items but judging by the quality of this, it's going to be worth the spend.

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