Thursday, 16 January 2014

A Pressed Powder that works for £1.99

One of my friends a while back recommended a pressed powder to me that she had used and really like. Me having very fair ski,n find a lot of face powders to be slightly to dark or orangy on my skin, She told me that this one has very light shades.
And this product is, the Natural collections pressed powder in the shade Neutral. I had never tried anything from this brand before and so I bought it for £1.99, and I have to say its pretty good for the price. 
You get in here 10 grams of product which is fairly decent.
 The packaging isn't bad either in fact I would say its better than the Rimmel stay matte powder all together, I'm not saying the Rimmel one isnt good but I like this one better.
I just apply this with either a puff sponge of a fluffy powder brush and they both work well.
The product inst at all chalky it blends nicely into the skin and just give that matte effect, I also like that it dosnt cling to dry areas on your face like some face powders can. This is actually the second time I have purchased this Powder.
Overall this is a good product and for less than £2.00 you cant complain, its also a good buy if you are just getting into make-up and don't want to spend much money.
You can find this product at Boots

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