Wednesday, 24 December 2014

No7 advent christmas day & overall thoughts

 25th December
This was a great product for the last day of the calender, The Stay Perfect Duo Nail Colour. I really like these two colours we have a coral pink shade and then a beautiful shimmery gold. These are really nice for all year round the gold is Christmasy and the coral is great for spring. 
This is everything that was in the calender all 25 products and all in all I think that it was worth the money, almost all of the products I will use and love, I think there was only one or two things I said I wouldn't really use. A lot of the products are good for all skin types and will suit everyone, such as the lip colours and nail polishes. I will be definitely purchasing another calender next year.
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No7 advent day 23 and 24

 23rd December 
This was another eye pencil this one was a brown one for those who aren't a fan of black liner, this is a nice one for people with brown eyes but it also gives a softer look.
Christmas Eve
Today I got the stay perfect intense night cream, this is a good one to go with the day cream and now I have the set so I can be all ready for Christmas day. 
There have been some really nice products in the advent calender but No7 have one more supine theres a door for christmas day too, so tomorrow there will be another post for the last thing and then a post on the round up of whether the calender was worth it or not.
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Monday, 22 December 2014

No7 advent day 21 and 22

 21st December 
I opened the door on this day to another nail polish this one is a gel look polish in the shade deep wine, it looks a lot more fuchsia on the picture but it's more of a deep Russian red. This will be a nice one for Christmas, it is also a bit smaller than a normal polish it's only 4ml so another travel size polish. This would go nice with the silver glitter polish from the other day, you could use it on top of the red for an accent nail or paint the tips for a Christmasy look.
22nd December
This one was another good one for when your partying or for special occasions it is the metallic eyes pencil and the colour is called Blackest. This is just a black liner with a small amount of glitter in it. This just adds a little extra to your eyes and it also has a smudger on the end so that you don't need extra brushes.
Again two nice prosucts that I will get good use out of not just at Christmas but all year round.
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Saturday, 20 December 2014

No7 advent day 19 and 20

December 19th
on this day I opened up the calender to another nail polish I really like this one because it's all glittery and is nice and Christmasy. This is a glittery top coat which would go with almost any colour, so this is a good pick for advent.
December 20th
Today I got the No7 hand cream, it's a nice choice for this time of year when it's cold and your hands are getting dry and sore. It's a good travel size so you can throw it into your handbag and has an SPF of 15 which is always good. 
These two choices where nice and great for this time of year. Thanks for reading and don't forget to pop back soon for more posts.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

No7 advent day 17 and 18

17th December
I got the No7 Intense volume mascara in black. The brush has a spiral shape that goes into a point nearer the end so its great for getting those inside lashes. The formula is nice and smooth, so it doesn't make the lashes clumpy. It adds a nice amount of volume but I always do a couple of coats which means its build-able.
18th December
Today I received another single eye shadow, it doesn't have a shade name but I will try and find that out. Its a nice champagne colour with a pearly shimmer through it. It would be nice for a wash all over the lid or a highlight for the inner corners. these two days the products where good ones that again will get a lot of use from.
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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

No7 advent day 15 and 16

15th of December I got this No7 Amazing eyes pencil in black. This is a nice little staple product that a lot of people can use and again perfect travel/handbag size. It's not super black so if you like the blacks that aren't so intense this is a good one.
16th December
This day I got an Essential lip brush, this one I wasn't so pleased with because I rarely use a lip brush and this one is quite wide, I would have preferred it to be a little thinner and maybe more pointed for precision, it doesn't look like you would get much of a clean edge with this. So a little disappointed with this one. 

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

No7 Advent day 13 and 14

So over half way through the calender now and the things that are in the calender have been amazing, so without further delay I will tell you what I got on the 13th of December which was another high shine lip  crayon and from the photo it's super pink, but it comes out a bit stronger than a tinted lip balm. I am usually really picky with lip products but I really loved these so another good gift. 

 And for today the 14th of December I got the completely quenched moisturizing lotion which is a nice product to go with the body wash, I will again be saving this for my trip to NYC in February because it is a nice travel size. Like the body wash it's got a nice soft subtle fragrance and is a 40ml tube.
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Saturday, 13 December 2014

First M.A.C purchase

I have been waiting a while to do this post and finally get my hands on something from M.A.C cosmetics, this is a brand that everyone loves because of the professional quality. Here we don't have a counter so It's not easily accessible and I hate shopping for make-up online, but I finally have one of their eye shadows.
I picked up one that I have heard so much about and it's M.A.C. All that glitters. It's a beautiful coppery toned shadow with a soft golden shimmer. I am really impressed with the quality and it blends really nicely. I really like using this all over the lid and just blend the edges, it just creates a beautiful eye look. This is best worn on blue and green eyed people as it really makes your eye colour pop. I have quite fair skin too so it works really well for light skin but I think it would also look nice on darker tones with more gold shadows.
M.A.C shadow pots are quite pricey in comparison to the Drug store brands, thus was £13 alone so not cheap but it is of professional quality. I am going to be using this tuns over Christmas and I can't wait to get my hands on more of these. 
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No7 advent day 11 and 12

 Day 11 
Yesterday I received the No7 Eye make-up remover, this is an oil based cleanser so it nourishes the skin as it cleanses. This is a great little gift especially around Christmas when you start wearing more eye make-up for nights out.
Day 12 
Today I got the No7 stay precise felt liner, this was a nice product and I will be interested to try this it looks like a good product. I am happy with both products from these days and I'm looking forward to tomorrows.
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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

No7 advent day 9 and 10

These two days where some big doors on the calender so I knew that these would be more like face and body things. So for the 10th I got this Protect and perfect day cream, it's a good size 25ml will last you a good while. It also has an SPF of 15 so is great for this time of year, people don't think they need sun cream because it is winter but the sun is just as strong, that's why skiers wear sun cream. 
The next was the No7 blissful body wash and it says sumptuous cleansing for silky soft skin. I really liked this because it's quite small and I can save it for when I go to NYC in February. It has a nice subtle smell I would say slightly floral but not a hugely noticeable smell. This is a great size it's a 40ml bottle. These two days where nice products that I will get good use out of.
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Monday, 8 December 2014

No7 advent day 7 and 8

Day 7
On this day I received an eye shadow, its a nice taupe shade with a hint of shimmer nothing major and I think that this would be nice for everyday wear. The packaging of it could be a bit better though I don't like how there is all that extra plastic around the pot, but it's sturdy so I can get over it. The actual shadow feels really smooth and blends well.
 Day 8
Today I got this No7 beautiful skin exfoliator which I will be interesting to try, you can see there that it has little pink exfoliating beads, this is a 15ml tube so a good size you could probably get between 2-4 uses out of this depending how sparingly you use it. I really like both of these gifts, they are things that I will use. 
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Saturday, 6 December 2014

No7 day 5 and 6

These two days I was really impressed with I opened the doors to two nice products that a lot of people will love.
5th December
On this day I got this nail polish called highland mist, it is a really nice deep sophisticated pink and it's a nice size, good for travel but not too small, it's a 4ml bottle and the brush is quite wide a bit like the Rimmel ten second nail polishes.
6th December
Today I got the No7 Lash impact intense volume control mascara, I am really happy that there is a mascara in here, I love trying out new mascara's and although I haven't tried it yet I have high hopes for the name.This is also a good size it's a 6ml tube. Over the two days I got some good product and I can't wait for tomorrows.
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Thursday, 4 December 2014

No7 advent day 3 and 4

 December 3rd
On this day of advent I recieved an Eye colour brush, it feels really soft and the handle isn't too long so would be good for travel or for more precise work. Although the brush is soft it is quite flat so it would be best for packing on the colour. I'm not sure about the brush being white though, it's good in some ways because you can see if it's dirty but then if you use dark colours it will never be white again. I think this was a pretty  good gift.
 December 4th 
On this day I got the No7 youthful eye serum, this product I am neither here or there on, I don't think I really need to use anti aging products just yet but it would be a nice little gift for someone a bit older. 
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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

No7 Advent calender day 1 and 2

 So you may or may not remember the short post I wrote not long ago about the No7 advent calender and well now it's finally December so I get to open it now. So every 2 days I will be writing a post about what I got in the calender and what I think of it and at the end I will let you know if it was worth £35. I am in no way showing off just letting you know whether they are worth the money and maybe you wanted to buy one and weren't sure but then maybe this will help you for next year.

So for the first day of December I got the skin Illuminator, this is obviously something you would wear underneath your foundation for a bit of glow or you could wear it as a highlighter, I wasn't too fussed about this product because I don't wear highlighter much but I would probably wear it more during Christmas. 
 2nd of December 
This day I opened and I got a high shine lip crayon, this I was quite exited for this is the time when I mostly wear lipstick and this is a really nice nude pink tone and I think that its a really great tone for all skin types and really nice for when your wearing a bit more on the eye's. I'm quite happy with today's little gift but you don't actually get that much product in the tube which is a little disappointing.
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Monday, 24 November 2014

I went to London!!!

With the university I recently had a little trip down to London for a few days and we had to basically take photo's and collect paraphernalia for an alternative tour that we would come up with a concept for. Anyway besides the boring work, I went to a few places in London that I hadn't been to before such as Camden markets. It was really nice to see the culture and how lively the place was.
I really love this picture showing all the different coloured roofs of the shops, there was lots of nice things and hand crafted items that where really artistic. Some of the stalls had some pretty objects and I wish I had more time to browse and buy.
There was a lot of street art around Camden and one bit that I really liked, it kind of reminds me of Santoro London, its a really cute brand I will link the post Here.
I also went to Hamleys toy store, it's a huge toys store and has some amazing things and I felt like a big kid.There is everything there, from the queen made out of Lego to harry potter wands. The amount of cool items I wanted to buy from there was unreal. It was a great trip to London and I hope that I go again soon.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Mini trip to Lush

On my trip to lush I noticed that there are a lot of new things in at the moment, for Christmas, Halloween and bonfire night. The shop it just so inviting so I had to pick up a few things. I did restrain myself from going over board and only picked up three things.
The first was Northern lights this is the purple long cilindrical bath bomb for bomb fire night, its supposed to create lots of bubbles in your bath and has a neon colour centre to make your bath bright and colourful. Thus has things like Ylang Ylang oil in to help with acne or any other skin irritant as it has antiseptic properties, it is also for calming and relaxing the body as it helps relieve muscle tension.  
 The next one is a Christmas themed bath bomb it is the Luxury Lush Pud the main ingredients are lavender for calming and neutralising properties, Tonka absolute to add scent and is also believed to help with joint pain and again Ylang Ylang oil.This is a really nice bath bomb to use after a hard day at work to calm and soothe sore feet and relax the body. I have used this one and it was really nice and made my skin feel so silky and soft afterwards.
 The last one I picked out was the  Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar, obviously it was Halloween not long ago so I got this plus I undaunted resist it was just so pretty. One thing I will say is that the colour your bath goes doesn't look that nice. It creates loads of nice bubbles for a nice relaxing bath. One of the main ingredients is juniper berry oil which is really great for oily or acne prone skin because of it's antiseptic properties. It has quite a fresh citrus scent but it'a not to over powering, like most lush products it leaves your skin feeling really smooth.
 I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to leave me a comment telling me what your favourite lush product is.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

No7 Advent calender

This is just a quick post to talk about the Make-up and skin care advent calender from Boot's No7, If you do want to buy it, it's an in store only exclusive. It is £35 which is a lot compared to your normal chocolate advent calender, but it has a value of £130 so for £35 it's a bargain and it's a nice treat if you don't want or don't like chocolate calenders. The only other thing I want to say for now is that there are a limited quantity and they sell out fast so if you want one then get it now. I may do some daily or weekly posts about it to let you know what is in it and what I think.
Here is a peek at the inside.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

My uni experience so far

I started on the 15th of September for the freshers week at university, I had expectations and was quite nervous and apprehensive of what it was going to be like. I knew that university was always going to be different from school and college and so I didn't try and compare it to that.

The first day I stared quite early on talking to another girl on the same course, it was really nice because she didn't live as close and so we had lots to talk about. I found that asking questions is the best way to get to know someone and making friends and meeting the people on your course early on is a good foundation for the next three years. In the first day it was mainly about handing out lots of information and meeting the lecturers and other members of the course. 

As the week progressed we started to do a few more things to get everyone integrated, such as the "Toilet paper challenge" basically in a team of 4 we had 1 roll of tp and it had to b supporting 1 persons weight with a clear void underneith, the other people where not aloud to touch the person being held and we weren't aloud to use the cardboard inner tube or any props. We had 20 minutes to find the solution, it was a good task to get everyone working together and trying to find out how we would solve this issue. 
In the end the idea was to create weaved rope and lift the person using on the rope, my team however I feel like we won as we did some sort of cheer leading stance and I stood on top of the toilet roll while they knelt and all held it up.  I did feel sorry for them, almost breaking their arms lifting me. We managed to last the longest so I think we won.

Now we are a couple of weeks in and have 4 assignments to do before Christmas and also we have another two task to do for each week. It's a lot of work and a lot more than I expected but I think that in the end it will all be worth it. 

We also have a few trips coming up one is a day in Manchester which we have a task there to do and then we are also going to London in November for a project. It is all really exiting and stressful but it will be good.

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Dresses for special occasions from Aviva dress

There's always a special occasion around the corner, whether it be a wedding your attending, your wedding, prom or a party. Sometimes it can be really frustrating looking for a dress. I hate going shopping for dresses simply because I know they always need adjusting for my height.(because I'm short) You can spend hours pouring through catalogues and trying on a million different dresses and even then you don't always find the one. 

A lovely lady named Zoe introduced me to their on-line store Aviva dress, it's a wonderful store where you can basically have the dress made to your measurements and requirements, they have many different categories such as Prom dresses, Formal dresses, evening dresses, cocktail dresses, brides maids and wedding dresses.
They also have an amazing vintage wedding dress section, I'm not planning on getting married any time soon but there is a wedding that I will be attending and of course this shop sprang to mind, there is such a wide range of choice and something for everyone.
Here are a few that I looked at and really liked.
This is one of their gorgeous wedding dresses, it has lovely shape and the detailing on it is just stunning, I know where I one day be shopping for my dress. And of course you don't need to worry about the fit because it can be custom made. You can also change the colour of the dresses if you aren't a fan of the colour but you like the design.
These are really nice prom style dresses and they do both Long prom dresses and short prom dresses.

Lastly this is the one that I have been looking at which I think is suitable for a wedding, it's basic but it's really pretty without all the flashy bling, so you won't show up the bride. I definitely think there there is something for everyone here from dresses to red carpet event's to a grand ball. There are some stunning pieces and the shop has some really good deals and prices, far less than you would pay elsewhere. They also ship to a wide variety of places such as Africa, North America, Europe, Oceania and North East Asia.
 I would like to say thanks to Zoe for introducing me to the beautiful shop and I hope you all check it out when your in need of a new occasional dress.
You can find their store by clicking this link Here 
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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Gorgeous chocolate chunk cookies

I really enjoy baking and I haven't done a baking post yet, so today's post is going to be How to make chocolate chunk cookies.
200g of Butter, 300g of sugar, 1 egg, 75g of cocoa powder, 275g self raising flour, a dash of milk and two bars of chocolate, these can be any type you want white, milk or dark chocolate. 
Next you want to preheat the oven to 200°C
First you need to put the butter and sugar in a large bowl and mix together, until it's almost smooth and creamy. Then add the egg and mix it all together.
Next add the self raising flour and the cocoa powder into the mix, you can sift this if you want, I did but I don't think it's necessary, then mix this until it all comes together. At first it will look to dry like it won't come together, but keep going and it will, if it is a little too dry then add a splash of milk. 
Then chop up the chocolate, I would say break it into the cubes and then cut in half, then combine this with the mixture thoroughly. 
you need to then line 3 baking sheets with baking paper and then grab a small ball of cookie dough and roll into a ball shape then place 4 to a tray and press a cube of chocolate  on top of each one.
Next place the cookies into the oven to cook for 10-12 minutes. Once the time is up check them by pressing lightly with your finger, they should feel really squish but not leave a mark, thats when they are ready.
You don't wan't these to start going brown-er or harden. 
You need to leave these to cool on the trays for at least half an hour, if you try and move them while they are warm they will just fall apart.
These where amazing, even when cool they just melt in the mouth and packed full of my favourite thing CHOCOLATE! If you haven't made these before then you need to they are heavenly, if only it was acceptable to eat these for each meal. I didn't take a presented picture of these because my family where in on the cookies like vultures and they where gone before I knew it. 
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