Monday, 9 December 2013

B. Precise Gel Eyeliner

 When I was in superdrug I was looking at all the different make-up brands and I came across the brand B. Id never really taken much notice of this brand before and for £6.99 I picked up this gel eye-liner.
Now I must admit that I don't use eye-liner that often. I love the way eye-liner looks liquid or gel.
I'm just not that good at putting it on myself so 90% of the time I wont wear eye-liner.

 This one looked great because it has everything you need to create a nice eye-liner look. I especially like how this has a breakdown on the back of the box for beginners. I also like that its dermatological approved and Opthalmically approved (which means that it's safe for contact lens wearers)

I do really like this eyeliner, my only niggle with it is that is says "HD colour finish" I don't think the colour pay off is as good as others, but if you like to set your liner with Black shadow then it wont be a problem.
 As for The "24 hour wear" claim im not really sure about because I don't tend to wear my make-up while I sleep, but it definitely lasts a good 10 hours. After this swatch I did try to rub it off and I couldn't get it off. You will need a make-up remover to take it off without rubbing at your eye's. 

I have used this brush to apply the liner several times and I did on the swatch above and I do think the brush is quite good, It doesn't drag, its not too soft and its not too hard. It's just right (pun intended)
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Deeanne xxx
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