Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween fun!

Hey everyone!

So today is Halloween and id like to share with you all these Halloween themed nails perfect for a Halloween party!!!

To make this I only used a few things, also trying to keep this budget friendly by using low cost items
You will need:
Barry M nail paint in vivid purple 
Barry M nail paint in Matt white 
 you can find both in your local Boots and Superdrug for around £3 each
 next you will need a clear coat nail varnish I just picked one from MUA's 
 Lastly any generic red nail varnish the one I used here was just an one I had floating around and it doesn't have a name you could try using another Barry M one in the shade Bright Red. You will also need a couple of cocktail sticks.

To do this start by painting the nails with the white you will need two coats of this but make sure to let them dry in between, there's nothing worse than making smudge marks in your nails. 
                                                 As seen here they don't need to be perfect
Now all you need to do is on a piece of card or paper or anything you don't need, put a drop of the red varnish and some purple and slightly mix them together. Then apply on you nails with the cocktail stick to look bloody and gross and if it looks messy then good, its not supposed to be neat. If you want extra texture snap a cocktail stick in half and use the broken end, dip it in your varnish and drag or stipple it onto you nails. Lastly once dry apply the clear coat and your done enjoy your Halloween nails (mwahahah)

                                                        These are my finished nails 
                                                              Happy Halloween 
                                                                  Deeanne xxx

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